Rovio Announces Angry Birds: Transformers

by Chris Esparzaon June 16, 2014
Rovio officially announced today the newest installment to their ridiculously successful Angry Birds series. Get ready to fling some transforming aviaries. Angry Birds: Transformers doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will feature characters known as the “Autobirds” and “Deceptihogs.” Hasbro teamed up with Rovio and will soon have a game with transforming pigs […]


Apple Announces ‘Metal’ – New Graphics Tech for Gaming on iOS

by JT Teranon June 2, 2014
At today’s WWDC, Apple announced a new graphics technology for its iOS platform called Metal. According to Apple, Metal makes more efficient use of the processing power of its mobile devices while proving higher end graphics. Apple showed off titles from EA, Epic Games, Crytek and Unity that have been worked on with Metal. Epic founder […]

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Mortal Combat X Officially Announced With Trailer

by JT Teranon June 2, 2014
Mortal Kombat X has been officially announced with an insanely cool trailer featuring the legendary Scorpion and Sub-Zero duking it out. The trailer, which you can see above, looks absolutely incredible and is possibly made almost entirely from gameplay footage, which would be mind-blowing if accurate. Check out the video, and let us know what you […]


Battlefield 3 for PC Available Free for a Limited Time

by Stefany Baezon May 30, 2014
If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on the awesome Battlefield 3 game, then wait no more. Now is your chance to grab a free copy of the game for PC, but act fast; it’s a limited time offer. The offer comes from EA’s promotion “On The House”, where they offer a […]


Destroy Your Opponents Without Guns in Battlecry

by Chris Esparzaon May 28, 2014
Battlecry looks to be a pretty interesting game because it takes multiplayer action to a whole new level by boasting gameplay without the use of guns. The game takes place in a universe where gun powder has been outlawed, so war must be fought in more conventional ways. In the world of Battlecry, wars are […]


Watch The Evil Within Terrify Gamers

by Chris Esparzaon May 28, 2014
The Evil Within is a new survival horror game from Bethesda Softworks that is apparently pretty disturbing. The game has players take control of Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates a mass murder that eventually leads him down a path where he has to face monsters, death, and his own growing madness. In the latest […]


Titanfall’s Second Xbox 360 Patch Now Available

by JT Teranon May 24, 2014
Respawn Entertainment has pushed a second update for Titanfall gamers on Xbox 360. This patch fixes crashing issues and an XP reset bug. You can check out the full patch notes here. This patch also changes the required number of players from six to two for private matches, and makes some modifications to the text and […]


FIFA 14 Getting World Cup Update Next Week

by JT Teranon May 23, 2014
With the World Cup right around the corner, EA is bring a couple of new updates to FIFA 14. This update will be available for all consoles, including Xbox One, and PS4. This free update to FIFA Ultimate Team will be a separate World Cup mode within the Ultimate Team framework. All 32 World Cup […]


First Gameplay Trailer for Batman Arkham Knight

by Chris Esparzaon May 21, 2014
The first gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has found its way to the Internets, and it’s a doozy. The trailer was uploaded to Playstation’s YouTube channel and has the subtitle, “Evening the Odds.” I watched the video a few times to see what sort of details I could get from it, and from what […]


YouTube Acquiring Twitch For $1B According To Report

by JT Teranon May 18, 2014
Variety is reporting that Google-owned YouTube has reached a deal to acquire the famous video game streaming platform Twitch for more than $1 billion. Twitch is, of course, staying mum on the rumor stating, it “doesn’t comment on rumors.” Google has also yet to make any comment on any potential acquisition, but the report claims […]

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EA Releases Titanfall Companion App For Android and iOS

by JT Teranon May 16, 2014
EA has released an mobile companion app for its popular Titanfall Xbox One and PC game. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, brings a full-size interactive map that allows gamers to keep an eye on their place in the scoreboard. Players will also receive update notifications and information on Titanfall’s […]


Flappy Bird To Make Its Comeback On Android and iOS This August

by JT Teranon May 14, 2014
Flappy Bird is officially coming back to Android. The “news” comes from a CNBC reporter that spoke with the creator of the addictive bird game, Dong Nguyen. The game is set to re-release in Google Play this August and will reportedly feature new additions. According to CNBC, the game will bring new features, including a […]


Ben Affleck’s Batman Teaser Picture Released – No Nipples On Batsuit

by JT Teranon May 13, 2014
This afternoon, Batman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder tweeted a first look at Ben Affleck as Batman on Tuesday, a day after teasing with another black-and-white photo of the Batmobile. Even though he told us he’d show the Batmobile off today, the appearance of Batman was definitely a surprise. The teaser is definitely interesting to […]

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An Xbox One Without Kinect Is A Nightmare For Potential Users

by JT Teranon May 13, 2014
Microsoft announced this morning that it will be dropping its console pricing from $500 to $400 after making the decision to remove the Kinect from its packaging. Since last November, the camera-packing Kinect was a standard in every bundle sold, although not required for the console to function. As of next month, a second option will […]


Microsoft Will Sell Xbox One Without Kinect

by Chris Esparzaon May 13, 2014
Microsoft announced this Tuesday that they will begin selling their latest console without the Kinect sensor as early as next month. The Kinect free system will cost $399, and customers can pre-order the console starting today. When the Xbox One was first released in November 2013, it had a hefty price tag of $499 because […]